On a Farm by the Sea


To a farm by the sea is where we go for our yearly summer break. On this idyllic farm we rest and recharge our batteries for the coming year. The farm is about 30 km from the town of East London, with the closest village 5kms away. The beauty of this resort is the unspoilt nature and vast spaces. Cefani defines calm and peace.IMG_1073

The farm resort has 11 dwellings on it with basic requirements. Together with these Rondavels, Bungalows and Cottages, there are 27 Caravan Stands and 12 more luxurious Chalets. The beach is less than a sleepwalk from the camp and the lagoon is on your doorstep. Across the salt river is the koppie called Viskop.

The journey to the top of Viskop is an idyllic walk along waterfalls and through untouched coastal forests. The hike takes about 30 minutes to a lookout point from where you can see the whole bay of Cintsa. Standing up there with the on-shore wind blowing through your hair, looking at the Wildcoast, gives an incredible feeling of well-being that should be close to heaven.

Waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning to go for a surf is wonderful. On a good day the perfect waves make up for the intital cold and fatigue you feel. The salty coastal air and the chilly water eradicate any feelings of tiredness and brings you to your full conscience very quickly. Then it is down to business. If the waves are worthwhile there is normally a little off-shore wind and the sea appears as one huge mirror, without a wrinkle on it. The only sound to be heard is the sound of the waves pounding on the beach and the sound of the wind as you speed along a wave.

From the sea the beach and divine sand dunes appears brilliantly golden at the break of day. The sun appears suddenly and magnificently on the vast horizon of the ocean. Spreading its sharp light across the whole ocean and shining upon the beach, the rising of the sun is something to behold.

Although I have not come to an end in my search for the perfect wave at Cefani, I have ended in the search for the perfect paradise.


Written by Greyling Uys

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